The Team

Ian (Tech Manager)

A computer scientist of 30 years is the generally the practical one, looking for scientific explanations where possible. I do believe god and an after life, both from a spiritual and scientific perspective. I suffered a massive grand mal seizure just under a year ago and I know with 100% certainty that I had an out of body experience whilst my body was writhing round on the doctors table as my brain decided to fire every neuron simultaneously and leave my body starving for oxygen. I am responsible for maintaining the website and looking after the tech equipment we use to investigate.

“I don’t tend to spook easily but there have been a couple of unexplained things we have encountered that have left hairs standing on end!”

Deborah (Case Manager)

A nursing assistant by day, having previously worked as a nurse and a paramedic back in the old country. Wants to believe in a higher power but also wants proof handed on a plate so is the confirmed sceptic of the group but paradoxically is the first one to be spooked. Deborah is the most organized person so takes on responsibility of managing the cases.

“I want to see/hear it for myself!”