What it is like to be a paranormal investigator?

To be straight and to the point, this is not my day job. I am a rational and pragmatic IT professional. A lot of people will look at you with skepticism when you say I do paranormal  investigations in my spare time and some probably think you should be escorted away by the men in white coats. The may have been a time in my life I would have agreed with them but I am a scientist first and foremost and as such I keep an open mind. Since is all about coming up with a theory and then setting out to find the proof. At some point all science has come under ridicule from Pythagoras who proposed the Earth was a sphere to Copernicus saying the Earth orbited the Sun. Even Albert Einstein doubted Quantum Mechanics. Everything we do not understand we tend to brand as crazy. Paranormal is just a label for things we do not understand, para is from the Greek against or contrary to so paranormal is anything that is outside of our definition of normal.

So as an investigator and scientist I spend a lot of my time trying to find normal explanations for things, TV glamorizes the whole paranormal investigation to compress it into a 40 minute time slot and the reality is far less glamorous, sifting through hours of video and audio. Talking to a voice recorder for hours on end hoping something unheard is talking back to you and checking electrical circuits and household plumbing to see if there are rational explanations. What is left is the exciting part of the job (I say job, we do not charge for our time) and that is why we do it, to try and get an understanding of the world around us that is still yet to be discovered.

I believe there is a scientific explanation for everything, we just don’t have the science yet to explain everything but every day we get closer and closer. One day String Theory may explain the Big Bang and the existence of parallel dimensions, maybe this is where our ghost exist, they are beings or even ourselves in another dimension. Maybe quantum mechanics will give us the definitive answer that if something is not seen it really does not happen (you need to read up on quantum mechanics to have your mind blown).

Until then our job is only just beginning and anything we do is often treated with skepticism but I would rather be remembered with the likes of Copernicus and Pythagorus than that of the many skeptics who have long since been forgotten.

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