Life after death

This is a question that has been plaguing mankind for an eternity, what happens when our body dies what becomes of our conscious self?

As I have explained, I have had a brief near death experience but this article makes compelling reading

I myself was unable to hear what was happening around me, I think I was too busy screaming (although nobody could hear me) but I was fully aware of where and what people were doing.

Science has a real hard time trying to explain why we are conscious as all we are are a bunch of molecules stuck together. Our brain and body is driven by electrical impulses, these impulses are the essence of life. Our body is a big processing factory that converts food into bits for the body to function but also to produce the electricity required to keep these impulses firing. I believe conciousness carries on in some form, looking how the body works it would appear electrical energy plays a big part so I am willing to accept this energy can exist outside of a body (electricity is all around us, unseen but there). The first law of thermodynamics states that in a closed system (which the universe is), energy can neither be created or destroyed, it just changes form.

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