East Texas Paranormal Investigations was originally born in the Pacific Northwest in 2012 and consisted of of the two founders and a floating team of up to two or three people who would join in on investigations including the pastor of our church. The two founding members have moved to the sunnier climate of East Texas having completely rusted through in the nine months of the year that produced no sun.

We have day ┬ájobs and the motivation of providing our services to the public are two fold, first and foremost to help people who’s lives are being disrupted by what they believe to be something they can not explain or understand and secondly to further our own quest for understanding in this strange world that we live in.

We normally carry out investigation in North East Texas and surrounding states but if you are not in these area drop us a line or give us a call. we will try are hardest to help you out.

To ask for our help please call 430-888-4900 or email casemanager@etexpi.org.